December 2, 2022


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How to Kill the OSRS Green Dragon

If you’re looking for the best way to maximize gold in OSRS, you should hunt for the OSRS green dragon. This kind of list is very good and is among the list of three most powerful chromatic dragons. It can breathe dragonfire, which could cause 55 damage to virtually any enemy without correct protection. While you can use anti-dragon shields to minimize the volume of damage he can deal, you may also use an anti-fire potion to lower the damage. The main attack of a blue monster is it is accurate cut. To offer the most damage, you should use a slash system with a huge accuracy.

As a mage, you should utilize potions and prayers to kill the blue monster. You should also experience an antifire comprimé before you attack that. If you’re struggling it in melee, you must use Korasi’s sword, a godsword, or a high level halber. The blue dragon is actually a level 111 beast, and you should have by least two levels of protective gear.

For anybody who is using a mage class, you should utilize your magic skill. It is the most important skill in OSRS. The additional two are combat and crafting. The first one helps you write items and enchant these people. The second the first is a very useful skill for composing, as it can help you help to make more gold coins. Lastly, it can help you drive more money. A lot of spells assist in OSRS, therefore it is worth installing your mage skills to work with the blue dragon.

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